New Paper: Typology of Human-Machine Networks

One of the main objectives of the HUMANE project is to come up with a typology and profiling framework of Human-Machine Networks. We just finished a paper based on the first revision of our typology. The paper is going to be presented at the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction International, Toronto, Canada, 17 – 22 July 2016. A pre-print of the paper is available here, the abstract of which reads: 

In this paper we outline an initial typology and framework for the purpose of profiling human-machine networks, that is, collective structures where humans and machines interact to produce synergistic effects. Profiling a human-machine network along the dimensions of the typology is intended to facilitate access to relevant design knowledge and experience. In this way the profiling of an envisioned or existing human-machine network will both facilitate relevant design discussions and, more importantly, serve to identify the network type. We present experiences and results from two case trials: a crisis management system and a peer-to-peer reselling network. Based on the lessons learnt from the case trials we suggest potential benefits and challenges, and point out needed future work.


Joint profile for the peer-to-peer reselling Human-Machine Network of Snapsale