Help us improve the HUMANE roadmaps on Sharing Economy, eHealth, and Citizens’ Participation!

The HUMANE project is building roadmaps that can help guide future policies in specific social domains such as Sharing Economy, eHealth, and Citizens’ Participation. The HUMANE roadmaps act as a reference on which a collaborative effort for a complex task, such as the one needed for finding and implementing efficient policies for Human-Machine Networks (HMNs), can be based on. It helps all the involved parties recognize the goals and the steps needed for their achievement, and to better understand their roles and interrelations.

Through this Survey we aim to collect information, which we will process and use to develop the HUMANE roadmaps.

The survey shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to complete. We won’t collect any personal information about you: it is entirely anonymous. Your responses will be used for scientific research purposes only as part of the HUMANE project.

Thank you on behalf of the HUMANE project and we are looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback!