A roadmap for future human-machine networks in eHealth

The advancements in micro/nano-, bio-technology, data management and telecommunications are revolutionizing the provision of healthcare services worldwide.

Healthcare services assisted by telecommunications and electronic equipment, also known as eHealth services, include Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telemedicine networks and applications (including telesurgery) and networks for physiological monitoring of patients with smart mobile or wearable devices. Assisted by technological developments, the healthcare community is moving toward early  detection  of  diseases,  health  status monitoring,  healthy  lifestyle,  and  overall  quality  of  life.

Today, there are devices and applications for the management of chronic diseases, back problems, biochemical indices, heart problems, and many other medical conditions. Such personalized eHealth services can benefit the entire community by improving access to care, quality of care and by making the health sector more efficient.

The interaction of humans and machines for the provision of healthcare services poses several challenges: quality provisioning, the efficient management and protection of personal medical data, and the economic and social sustainability of the services. Higher machine agency in a domain were human relationships were traditionally predominant necessitates the establishment of human trust in machine operation and capabilities. Moreover, for a massive uptake of such services it is essential to motivate people for behavioural changes, and make the services affordable at low cost.

In a short paper, we provide an overview of the challenges and envisaged actions at European level for the efficient integration of personalized eHealth systems, devices and applications in human life and societies. The study is based on the Roadmap for eHealth Human-Machine Networks (HMNs), which was developed in the course of the HUMANE project.

Read the paper here.

Post updated August 3, 2017, with link to revised version of roadmap.