Photo: JLogan – Own work, Public Domain, It is a common cry, particularly around the time of elections and referenda, that ordinary citizens don’t vote and they don’t engage directly with their elected representatives. Many observers now turn to the power of social media hoping to solve what is seen as a problem of democracy. They want to encourage ordinary on-line citizens to get more involved in the political scene surrounding government… Read More

Image based on artwork from MaxPixel (CC0 Public Domain) The sharing economy has seen much interest as an alternative to traditional models for ownership and consumption of products and services. From the perspective of HUMANE, the sharing economy is of particular interest as a phenomenon enabled by networking of humans and intelligent digital machines. Botsman defines sharing economy as an economic system based on sharing underused assets or services, for free or for… Read More

What do networks of humans and machines actually do? We expend a lot of time and energy, especially in a project like HUMANE, trying to understand the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of human-machine networks, but it is during a workshop such as the recent, excellent, discussions in Oxford that bring to the fore the question of ‘why’. We are apt to think of the machines in the network as the important feature… Read More