…The main objective of the HUMANE survey was to engage practitioners, such as policy makers, domain professionals, user groups, IT experts and researchers in the development of the roadmaps in the domains of sharing economy, eHealth and citizen participation, to collect their feedback and input, as well as to validate or challenge the work that has done for the HUMANE roadmaps so far… In the course of the HUMANE project we examine… Read More

The advancements in micro/nano-, bio-technology, data management and telecommunications are revolutionizing the provision of healthcare services worldwide. Healthcare services assisted by telecommunications and electronic equipment, also known as eHealth services, include Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telemedicine networks and applications (including telesurgery) and networks for physiological monitoring of patients with smart mobile or wearable devices. Assisted by technological developments, the healthcare community is moving toward early  detection  of  diseases,  health  status monitoring,  healthy … Read More

The HUMANE project is building roadmaps that can help guide future policies in specific social domains such as Sharing Economy, eHealth, and Citizens’ Participation. The HUMANE roadmaps act as a reference on which a collaborative effort for a complex task, such as the one needed for finding and implementing efficient policies for Human-Machine Networks (HMNs), can be based on. It helps all the involved parties recognize the goals and the steps needed for… Read More